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Catalogue of products / services - obor Aviation Industry

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Electric motors

Electric motors - Asynchronous motors - DC motors - Servomotors - Stepper motors - Linear motors - Torque motors - Compact motors - Traction motors - Explosion-proof engines - High voltage motors
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Metal hoses

Flexible metal hose, galvanized and stainless steel
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Linear Technology

Linear Technology - Positioning systems - Actuators - Linear management - Lifting gears - Ridges and pinions - Connecting shafts - Couplings
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Gearboxes - Planetary gears - Cycloidal gears - Conical gears - Hypoid gearboxes - Worm gearboxes - Front transmissions - Helical-bevel gears - Compact gearboxes - Flat gears - Gearboxes with variable gear
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- Frequency inverters - PLN 2.0 DC units - Control for compact motors - Servo amplifiers - Stepper motor control - Communication gateways - Control units - Control for actuators - Control for traction motors
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The VIA aircraft is ideal for all types of flying including recreational, tourism and flight training (limited to non-acrobatic flight). The aircraft is unique in its design, where emphasis is placed on excellent flight characteristics, including maximum safety and comfort for the crew (the widest cabin in its class), high travel speeds with maximum operational economy, and low maintenance costs. The aircraft is also characterized by extremely high durability, thanks to its modern design and craftsmanship.


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