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Company name: TREFAL, spol. s r. o.
Degreasing machine vertical MV500-1600

Product / service description

Its vertical height is 1600 mm. Up to four baskets above each other can be placed on the main swivel frame at any height.
These baskets are removable by hand and are designed for washing small parts. These baskets can be replaced by a grid at the top and a holder at the bottom, in which the rod and tubular material can be stored vertically up to 1600mm long. The washing interior is equipped with tubular spray arms with drilled holes.
There are two filter baskets at the bottom of the wash area and two flat filters in the wash liquid sump. The baskets and flat filters are accessible even when the tank is full, so it can be cleaned at any time. The basic version of the machine can be equipped with additional devices and thus improve its utility properties.


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