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Company name: TREFAL, spol. s r. o.
Degreasing machine vertical MV500-2100

Product / service description

Its vertical height can be up to 2100 mm. The inner swivel frame can be adjusted to connect the rotary intake to get the water stream directly onto any desired area to be cleaned. Thus, hardly accessible cavities or inner walls of pipes, etc., can be flushed through better. The swivel frame can be fitted with an easily adjustable alignment mechanism for gripping the washed item, or even with sliding baskets or nozzles connected to the rotary intake. The washing area is also equipped with tubular spray arms with drilled holes (or nozzles). There are two filter baskets at the bottom of the wash area and two flat filters in the wash liquid sump. The baskets and flat filters are accessible even when the tank is full so they can be cleaned at any time. The machine can also be equipped with pressure microfiltration for better filtration of water from solid particles. The basic design machine has a number of additional performance enhancing attachments options.
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