Technologické inovační centrum Zlínský kraj

Catalogue of Companies in the Zlín Region

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Kalírna Frydrych s.r.o.

The company has been engaged in metal heat-processing since 2001, first as a custom hardening shop under Jaroslav Frydrych; since 2007 it has operated as company. The company has focused from the beginning on special piece and small batch production based on customer requirements.
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Kasko spol. s r.o.

From the beginning KASKO has been a strictly Czech company and in a competitive environment has developed for itself the position of a reliable supplier to many local and international companies. Our primary customers are from the automotive industry.
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Kasko-Formy spol. s r. o.

Limited-liability company. Established in 2005, currently has 37 employees. Develops and designs plastic components and injection moulds, produces injection moulds and plastic components, and accessories and appliances.
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KATARO s.r.o.

Sales of sports equipment, footwear, tarpaulins, shielding nets and car batteries.
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Kinoexport s.r.o

The company is engaged in the design, production, sale and installation of seating units for public and private facilities, cinemas, theatres, universities,
congress halls, sports halls and stadiums.
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We save you money, time and hassles. We build quickly, effectively and with less expense, buildings for business, schools or home. Modular construction is more than just space.
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KOVAR s.r.o.

Established in 1992. At that time the company, with only 34 employees, produced accommodation and office containers. In several years the company moved to the custom production of steel containers for various technological applications. Today the company employs about 250 people.
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Kovárna VIVA a.s.

Kovárna VIVA a.s. is a leading Czech industrial forging company. It specialises in the production of closed die forgings from alloyed, microalloyed, carbon and construction steel. The products weigh between 0.10-20.00 kg.
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kovocité, a.s.

Manufacture and assembly of steel constructions and surface treatment, primary focus on the production of city landscape furnishings and bus stop shelters.
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Kovonax, spol. s r.o.

KOVONAX spol. s r.o. is focused on the production of metal furniture for the public sector, healthcare and community care facilities, education facilities and unique interiors.
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Join us in the world of waste treatment and discover the world of recycling and ecology. We have been in business since 1998. We are an important representative in the field of collection, purchase and processing of refuse. Our plants in Staré Město, Hodonín, Strážnice and Veselí nad Moravou purchase all kinds of waste, scrap car wrecks and sell metallurgical materials and fuels. At our company headquarters (in Staré Město) we have an "army shop", where you can buy all you need for hobbies and handicrafts.
We provide consulting in the field of waste treatment and ecology and because we care for the future we provide training programs and technical excursions
public, especially among school-age youth.
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Kovovýroba Hoffmann s.r.o.

Prototype and small batch production of pressing and forming tools and automotive body parts for automobile plants.
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