Technologické inovační centrum Zlínský kraj

Catalogue of Companies in the Zlín Region

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RAVEO s.r.o.

RAVEO s.r.o. operates on the Czech and Slovak market where it offers components for propulsion technology. We focus on industrial applications where motion and positioning are required. We provide our customers with technical consultations, optimal design and after-sales service. We offer products from renowned manufacturers and also complete solutions with respect to the surrounding technology. The product offer includes mechanical and electrical components such as electric motors, gears, mechanical lines and frequency converters.

RAVEO employees have many years of experience in industrial automation and have many certifications and training. Our customers appreciate first of all professionalism, professionalism and, last but not least, human approach.
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REGOMARKET s.r.o. is a planning and engineering supplier in the fields of:
• Technological process administration systems,
• Measurement and regulation,
• High voltage current.
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REMAK a.s.

Production and sale of industrial heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, roof, radial and axial ventilators, air heating units, air cooling, door and gate air curtains.
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REMERX s.r.o.

REMERX is a traditional producer of aluminium rims and spoked wheels with 20 years of tradition. Other activities are surface treatment of aluminium - anodisation.
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RENO stavební VMM s.r.o.

RENO was established in 1991 as a complete building company with in-house engineering and surveying functions.
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RETIGO s.r.o.

The Czech company RETIGO s.r.o. was established in 1993. Its major function is producing gastronomic appliances for large kitchens, specifically production of steam convection cookers based on steam and hot air, which are able to prepare food by any method.
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Robe lighting s.r.o.

ROBE lighting s.r.o. is a leading worldwide producer of lighting technology for concerts, theatres, TV studios, clubs, events and architectural lighting.
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Company ROKO was founded in 1992 at Uhersky Brod and from the beginning dealt with wholesale of paints and building chemicals. On the Czech market, the company represented a foreign producer of paints until 1998, when it was transformed into a production organization Rokospol, a joint-stock company. It then became a producer with a classic production program for the production of paints and coatings for industrial purposes, and later on for retail sale. It established its own successfull research and development program, and also the production of building materials and chemicals. To start its own production, Rokospol had to find a suitable team of people for corporate research and development, and also to find collaborators for providing modern production technologies. Virtually the biggest success of this company was the formation of a perspective, but also a very creative R&D team, as proven by the wide range of products which are comparable to products of other world producers.
Today the company produces 2,500 tons of paint annually and 4000 tons of building materials and chemicals in more than 300 different types of products.

Independent division of Rokospol Inc. is a Rokospol Aviation ltd.The company's mission is to develop high quality and reliable aircraft, placing a strong emphasis on engineering, design and safety. Efforts to design unique, low operating cost, and ergonomic aircraft continuously move us forward.
Our main priority is the production of sport aircraft VIA UL according to the LAA type certificate. Other products include aircraft in the LSA category for foreign customers and UL, ELSA and LSA building kits as requested
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Rostislav Kukla RK-EMPTIES

We are selling and collecting empty toner and ink cartridges
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Rožnovská travní semena s.r.o.

Customised grass seed mixes.
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RUDOLF JELÍNEK a.s. is currently one of the largest producers of fruit distillates in the world. The company continues in the more than 400-year old distilling tradition of the Wallachia region.
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