Technologické inovační centrum Zlínský kraj
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qr code: REGOMARKET s.r.o.
Masarykova 753, 757 01 Valašské Meziříčí
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Ing. Luděk Svozil, Ing. Pavel Zeman
+420 777 249 044, +420 777 249 046

Description of the company's activities

REGOMARKET s.r.o. is a planning and engineering supplier in the fields of:
• Technological process administration systems,
• Measurement and regulation,
• High voltage current.

Business activity

• Project management during construction of facilities,
• Construction of facilities including their modifications, maintenance services and their disassembly,
• Design of electrical facilities,
• Sales of software (contractual sales or in-house software),
• Business activity – goods purchasing and further resale and sales,
• Installation and repair of the electrical machines and instruments,
• Installation and repair of the electronic equipment.

We provide complete turnkey delivery in the above listed areas. The company has extensive practical experience with industrial automation in chemistry.
The REGOMARKET s.r.o. in-house workforce performs the following activities:
• Processing of technical studies and project documentation at all levels,
• Delivery of technological process control systems,
• Delivery of field instrumentation and assembly material for measurementn and regulation,
• Delivery of equipment and assembly of material in the high voltage field,
• Disassembly and assembly,
• Application software development for technological process control,
• Start-up and commissioning of all equipment.

Major products and services

• Planning documentation SŘTP, MaR and electrical,
• Implementation of application software for administration systems,
• Assembly of technology control systems, MaR and electrical.

Major products and services for export

• Project documentation of technology control systems, MaR and electrical,
• Implementation of application software for control systems,
• Assembly of technology control systems, MaR and electrical.

Number of employees


Countries of current export

Russia and Turkey (through general supplier).

Interest to export to the following countries

Angebot in den angegebenen Tätigkeitsbereichen

Proposal/request for partnership

Proposal in listed activities.

Membership in associations

Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians in Construction.

Significant foreign contract/references

Krasnodar, Russia; Ambarli, Turkey.
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