Technologické inovační centrum Zlínský kraj

Catalogue of Companies in the Zlín Region

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Z - PRECIS, s. r. o.

Z-PRECIS s.r.o. as the manufacture and trade company was established in 1999 and followed the years of experience of its establishers in the field of galvanic and chemical surface treatment dating back as far as 1968. It offers a variety of services, methods proven by experience and modern technological systems.

Today the main focus is still galvanic and chemical surface treatments of metals as well as trade activities. All processes are certified according to quality norm ISO 9001:2015. Z-PRECIS, s. r. o. constantly strives for quality enhancement in order to satisfy all demands of our clients. Our work is in demand of engineering, automotive or electrotechnical companies.
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Z STUDIO, spol. s r.o.

Z STUDIO, spol. s r.o. delivers complete solutions for the production of manuals and promotional publications. We offer six services under the one roof:
Production of manuals, technical translations, graphics & DTP, offset and digital printing, kitting of user packages, delivery to any location in the world.
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ZÁLESÍ a.s. is a private company with 100 % Czech capital. The company takes pride in its long tradition. It has been active in the Czech and European markets since 1953.
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Zdeněk Kedroň, sdružení podnikatelů RONELT

Bending of tubes and profiles, production of exhaust mufflers and manifolds for freight trucks and passenger cars and stationary generator sets, metalwork.
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Zelinger plast s.r.o.

Production of plastic parts using injection moulding, specifically for furniture, electrical installation and household use.
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Zemědělský výzkumný ústav Kroměříž, s.r.o.

Private institute of applied research for crop production with an emphasis on grains (genetics and cultivation, quality and yield output, agro technology, crop protection, seed quality). Research and testing with other crop plants.
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ZEVETA AMMUNITION a.s. has 75 years of tradition in munitions production. The company was established in 1936 and since the beginning the production has been focused on pyrotechnics for military and civilian use. ZEVETA AMMUNITION has in-house development and design capabilities for all types of pyrotechnical compounds and design development of pyrotechnical products.
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ZEVOS a.s.

The predecessor of the current company ZEVOS a.s. was established in 1990 as an agricultural partnership business. Reorganisation of the partnership into a joint stock company in 1992 consolidated the assets to the founding shareholders. In 1995 Agropodnik a.s. Staré Město was completely transferred to the ZEVOS joint stock company.
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Zlín Precision s.r.o.

Company engaged in the injection moulding of plastics, finishing surface treatment and assembly.
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Foundry for grey and ductile castings
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Manufacturing of milling cutters from HSS steel with more than 80 years oftradition.
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ZV-Nástroje s.r.o.

Tooling company producing custom-ordered tools, measuring instruments, fixtures, precision components and assembly units.
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ZVI a.s.

The company was established in 1993, by transforming and reorganising a part of the holdings of Zbrojovka Vsetín a.s. which was established in 1938, and now continues in the Zbrojovka Vsetín tradition, preserving the manufacturing capability and readiness for established weapons systems of the Czech Army. In
2004 MPI Group s.r.o. became the sole shareholder of ZVI a.s. In the past ZVI a.s. (Inc.) focused its production on supplies for the army and police, specifically on medium-calibre weapons and medium calibre munitions (9 mm – 30 mm). Current specialisation includes pyrotechnics production (explosives, fuses) and pyrotechnical control systems ensuring simultaneous ejection of a pilot with the seat in case of an emergency exit from the aircraft.

ZVI a.s. has long-term partnerships with domestic and foreign customers, especially in the fields of automotive, aircraft, textile and machine industries, etc. All cooperation is based on the needs of customers and technical specifications provided in documentation and drawings. The company is located in an industrial zone with equipment for surface treatment, thermal processing and other technologies. Currently ZVI a.s. cooperates within the scope of its production program with several suppliers, who are evaluated and verified in detail.
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