Technologické inovační centrum Zlínský kraj
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Contact information

qr code: ZÁLESÍ a.s.
Uherskobrodská 119, 763 26 Luhačovice
Company ID:
Contact person:
Ing. Josef Hampl
+420 577 155 201

Description of the company's activities

ZÁLESÍ a.s. is a private company with 100 % Czech capital. The company takes pride in its long tradition. It has been active in the Czech and European markets since 1953.

Business activity

• Production of plastics using injection moulding,
• Production of moulds for injection moulding,
• Production of laminate tubes,
• Production of machine parts,
• Agricultural activity,
• Sale of agricultural equipment,
• Hotel, tourism.

Major products and services

Plastic mouldings, moulds, machine parts, laminated tubes.

Major products and services for export

Plastic mouldings, moulds, machine parts, laminated tubes.

Number of employees


Countries of current export


Interest to export to the following countries

Europäische Union, Russland

Proposal/request for partnership

Seeking cooperation in the listed fields: plastic mouldings up to 2 kg, machine parts using CNC machining and lathe work, laminate tubes for the cosmetic industry.

Certifications (ISO)

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949.

Membership in associations

Czech Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Agriculture CR, Plastics Cluster.

Significant foreign contract/references

DURA Automotive Systems, SAFT AB, Continental Automotive Systems, HONEYWELL, Dr. Theiss Naturwaren GmbH.
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