Technologické inovační centrum Zlínský kraj
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Contact information

qr code: D PLAST-EFTEC a.s.
U Tescomy 206, 760 01 Zlín
Company ID:
Contact person:
Ing. Rudolf Penc
+420 577 004 430

Description of the company's activities

D PLAST-EFTEC is a subsidiary of D PLAST and EFTEC supplying car, bus and transport vehicle primary production. D PLAST-EFTEC is active throughout Central and Eastern Europe. The company owns production plants in the Czech Republic, Russia and Romania.

Business activity

Production of materials for the automotive industry. Car body protection materials against corrosion, for sound-proofing, sealing. Adhesives for the installation of glass and other materials. Protective waxes.

Major products and services

PVC plastisols, water dispersion, PU adhesives, waxes, AC plastisols.

Major products and services for export

PVC plastisols, water dispersion, PU adhesives, waxes, AC plastisols.

Number of employees


Countries of current export

Germany, Central and Eastern Europe.

Interest to export to the following countries


Proposal/request for partnership


Certifications (ISO)

ISO 16949, ISO 14 001.

Membership in associations

SAP - Automobile Industry Association, Plastics Cluster.

Significant foreign contract/references

VW, Škoda, Renault, GM, FORD, Suzuki, VAZ, ...

Significant awards

VW prize - award reward for excellent work, quality, service, innovation and cooperation. Several times supplier for car of the year.


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