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Evektor, spol. s r.o.

Contact information

Letecká 1008, Kunovice
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Ing. Michal Jakšík

Description of the company's activities

Evektor spol. s r.o. is one of the leading companies in the Czech aircraft industry.
Evektor deals with design and development in aircraft industry, automotive industry, consumer industry and building industry.

Business activity

Industry (aircraft, automotive and consumer industry), Building structures, Industrial design, Calculations, Rapid prototyping, Design, Test department, Other activities (certifications, flight manuále, standardization)

Major products and services

EuroStar SL & SLW
SportStar MAX
Harmony LSA
SportStar RTC
VUT100 Cobra
EV-55 Outback

Rapid prototyping

Major products and services for export


Number of employees


Countries of current export


Proposal/request for partnership


Certifications (ISO)

Evektor is a holder of the certificates issued by EASA and by Czech Civil Aviation Authority. These certificates authorize us to develop and test small aircraft with max takeoff weight up to 5 700 kg. In addition, Evektor is also a holder of type certificates for the L13 Vivat and the EV-97 VLA Harmony airplanes.

Significant foreign contract/references

Cooperation on several development projects.
- Walter a.s., Czech Republic
Technological support of bent parts manufacturing.
- Marshall Aerospace, Great Britain
Complete development of the assembly line for production of auxiliary tanks for the Boeing 747.
- Vulcanair, Italy
Development of the tail unit for the VF-600W Mission aircraft.
- E.I.S. Aircraft, Germany
Cooperation on development of interiors for Airbus airplanes.
- Socata, France
Cooperation on aircraft development.
- Myasishchev Design Bureau, Russia
Concept and design of the M-101 airplane interior.
- Andreas Stihl, Germany
Cooperation on the development of power saws, working tools and garden equipment.
- Viking, Austria
Cooperation on the development of garden equipment.
- Seele Pilsen, Czech Republic
Cooperation on the design of steel building structures
- Volkswagen AG, Germany
Stamping tools and jigs
- Audi AG, Germany
Stamping tools and jigs
- Adam Opel AG, Germany
Stamping tools and jigs


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