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Institut pro testování a certifikaci, a.s.

Contact information

qr code: Institut pro testování a certifikaci, a.s.
třída Tomáše Bati 299, Louky, 763 02 Zlín
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Contact person:
Ing. Eva Pobudová
+420 577 601 238

Description of the company's activities

Institute for testing and certification (ITC) is the Czech independent company with a worldwide sphere of authority providing services on the area of testing, certification, calibrating, technical inspection, metrology and standardization.
ITC is the company operating in the area of quality and safety assessment of products, certification of control management and environmental management and in the area of engineering standards

Business activity

ITC providing technical services for support of quality and safety.

Major products and services

Scope of activities:
1. Tests of the quality, safety and health safety of products in accredited testing and calibrating laboratory:
- laboratory of analytical chemistry
- hygiene and microbiology laboratory
- physical tests laboratory, fire laboratory
- testing laboratory for textile materials and products
- testing laboratory for footwear and personal protective equipment
- testing laboratory for electric products (EM, LVD)
- testing laboratory for construction products and asphalt
2. Defectoscopy
3. Calibration, verification of standards and measuring instruments
4. Assessment of compliance of products with the requirements of European directives (for the purpose of CE marking of products):
- toys
- personal protective equipment
- construction products
- medical devices
- low voltage electric devices (LVD)
- electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
- RoHS – dangerous substances in electric devices
- ecodesign – energy efficiency of electrical appliances
- pressure cuttings
5. System management certification according to the standards:
ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001, ISO 22000, HACCP, ISO/IEC 27001, ČSN 01 0391, EN 15593
6. Voluntary certifications:
- “ITC certified quality” mark
- “Safe Toys” mark
- “Certified for building” mark
7. Technical standardization
8. Technical inspections

Major products and services for export

ITC offers all services to domestic and foreign clients.

Number of employees


Countries of current export

Germany, Austria, Slovak Republic, Poland, Italy, India, Brazil, Portugal, United States of America, China, Turkey, Hungary, South Korea, Spain, Israel, United Kingdom, Russian Federation

Interest to export to the following countries

Europe, central Asia, America

Proposal/request for partnership

Technical services for compliance with technical requirements of products introduced on to the EU market.

Certifications (ISO)

Accredited Testing Laboratory No. 1004
Accredited Testing Laboratory No. 1004.3
Accredited Testing Authorization No. 4035
Certification Authorization for certifying products No. 3020
Certification Authorization for systems management No.3002
Accredited Calibration Laboratory No. 2222
Notification person No. 1023
Authorization body 224

Membership in associations

AAAO - Association of Accreditation and Authorization Organisations, ATOK - Association of Textile and Leather industry
CQS - Systems Quality Certification Union
ČKS - Czech Calibration Union in Brno
ČOKA - Association of Shoemakers in Zlín
ČSJ - Czech Society for Quality
Czech Society for Industrial Chemistry Rubber Group in Zlín
EURACHEM - CR Institute of Inorganic Chemistry
OHK - Chamber of Commerce Zlín
SCJ - Society for Award in Quality CR
SČZL - Society of Czech Testing Facilities and Laboratories
Society of Toys and Games
SGP STANDARD - Society for Technical Normalization of Rubber and Plastics Industry
CR Union of Construction Entrepreneurs
SZV - Union of Construction Testing.

Significant awards

Export Award DHL - Exporter of the year to India


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