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JZD Slušovice s.r.o.

Contact information

qr code: JZD Slušovice s.r.o.
Neubuz 19, 763 15 Neubuz
Company ID:
Contact person:
Ing. Josef Drda
+420 577 101 443

Description of the company's activities

JZD Slušovice is engaged in fruit growing, winemaking, agricultural production, growing crops for energy production and other business activities.

Business activity

Agricultural production, winemaking, fruit growing - plums, apples and pears, business activities.

Major products and services

• Winemaking - Moravian and other wines,
• Fruit cultivation - plums, apples, pears,
• Energy crops,
• Commercial contacts.

Major products and services for export

Moravian and other wines, fruit - foodstuffs.

Number of employees

Bis 20

Countries of current export

EU (Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic), China.

Interest to export to the following countries

Weitere EU-Staaten, Welt

Proposal/request for partnership

• Quality Moravian wines, fruit, quality fruit distillates,
• Sales agent activities,
• Finding business partners in China,
• Representation of business in China.

Certifications (ISO)

ISO 9001 : 2009

Significant foreign contract/references

Partnership in SINO-CZECH-SLOVAK FRIENDSHIP FARM in Hebei province, China.


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