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MEDIAP, spol. s r.o.

Contact information

qr code: MEDIAP, spol. s r.o.
Dostihová 678, 763 15 Slušovice
Company ID:
Contact person:
Ing. Luděk Novák
+420 577 220 591

Description of the company's activities

Pharmaceutical production of solid state medicaments under contract and conditions of GMP, pharmaceutical logistics including storage and transportation to countries in Eastern Europe, storage and distribution of food supplements, production of humanitarian food supply packages, including food rations for NATO forces.

Business activity

Pharmaceutical and food production.

Major products and services

Nutritional food supplements KOMPLEX, AVILUT, MOBIVEN, CARNITIN 600 mg, packaging and assembly services for pharmaceutics and production of food supplements, doses of DBP for ACR requirements.

Major products and services for export

Packaging and assembly services for pharmaceutical products and production of food supplements.

Number of employees


Countries of current export


Interest to export to the following countries

Ostblockstaaten, insbesondere Bulgarien, Polen; im Bereich Nahrungsmittelpakete und humanitäre Hilfspakete: afrikanische Staaten und sonstige notleidende Gebiete der Welt

Proposal/request for partnership

We offer all services in the sector of pharmaceutical production under contract, storage and logistics of medicaments and also for the food supplement sector.

Certifications (ISO)

GMP, SDP, ISO 9001/2010.

Membership in associations

Association of Food Additives Manufactures, Nanotechnology Cluster.

Significant foreign contract/references

TEVA Pharmaceuticals Israel, STADA.


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