Technologické inovační centrum Zlínský kraj
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PBT Rožnov p.R.,s.r.o.

Contact information

qr code: PBT  Rožnov p.R.,s.r.o.
Lesní 2331, 756 61 Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
Company ID:
Contact person:
Ing. Vladimír Sítko
+420 571 669 311

Description of the company's activities

The company (established in 1992) is a supplier of technologies for electronics production on printed circuit boards with operations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (sale of imported equipment and materials and the provision of and technical support). Since 1992 the company has been producing specialised devices for the assembly of electronic systems with an emphasis on export.

Business activity

Production machinery, devices and materials for electronic assemblies on printed circuit boards.

Major products and services

Complete delivery of production technologies, including necessary training and optimisation, export of systems for printing solder paste and cleaning in the assembly of electronics.

Major products and services for export

Cleaning devices for electronic assemblies and equipment, stencil screen printing equipment.

Number of employees


Countries of current export

EU, Switzerland, countries of Eastern Europe, Russia, Israel, India, China, South East Asia (Malaysia, Singapore), Brazil.

Interest to export to the following countries

Österreich, USA, Kanada, Japan

Proposal/request for partnership

We do not seek cooperation; we seek new sales representatives for effective sales and local support for our products.

Certifications (ISO)

ISO 9001, ISO 14001.

Membership in associations

Chamber of Commerce CR, IPC.

Significant foreign contract/references

Series of deliveries to foreign companies (Siemens Continental, JABIL, Flextornix, Celestica, Rolls-Royce Aero Engine, RohdeSchwarz, Kostal).


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