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TON a.s.

Contact information

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Michaela Thoneta 148, 768 61 Bystřice pod Hostýnem
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Contact person:
Ing. Pavel Novotný
+420 573 325 286

Description of the company's activities

We are TON, a producer of chairs and tables. We manufacture in the same location where Michael Thonet laid the foundation stone for the original THONET factory in 1861. We are continuing on with the oldest production of bentwood furniture according to the founder's principles in Bystřice pod Hostýnem.

Business activity

Production of bentwood furniture

Major products and services

Bentwood chairs and tables

Major products and services for export

Bentwood chairs and tables

Number of employees


Countries of current export

Austria, Holland, France, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Bulgaria, Iceland, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Poland, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldavia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, North and South America, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, South Africa, Kenya, Japan, Australia, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Middle East and Far East, Egypt.

Interest to export to the following countries


Proposal/request for partnership

Furnishings for hotels, restaurants, coffee houses and importantly for households.

Certifications (ISO)

ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008.

Membership in associations

Chamber of Commerce CR (District Chamber of Commerce Kroměříž). Certified supplier AHR CR and references from AHR CR members are to our disposal.

Significant foreign contract/references

Etihad Airlines, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; Emirates Bank, Dubai, United Arab Emirates The Royal Hashemite Court, Amman, Jordan; L´Hotel, Manama, Bahrain; Movenpick Resort Al-Waha, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia; Interior Ministry, Kuwait; Marriott Hotel, Cucina Restaurant, Dauhá, Qatar; Esenboga Airport, Ankara, Turkey; American Diner, Khartoum, Sudan; Amalia Hotels & Tourist Enterprises S.A., Athens, Greece; Kresten Palace Hotel, Rhodes, Greece; Cocobruni cafe, Soul, Korea; Mint Toy Museum, Singapore; BP Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Arena, Jakarta, Indonesia; Yoshinoya restaurants,

Significant awards

The WAVE rocking arm chair, was nominated furniture of the year 2011 The Merano arm chair Merano achieved Red Dot, Merano was awarded the Golden Key (1st place) at the International furniture trade fair. TON became producer of the year 2010 Rioja achieved the Interior innovation award 2011 – winner. Two awards at Designblock 2010 "Best new furniture" and "Best new product" for snow sled design by Olgoj Chorchoj. Collection 911 Furniture of the year 2010. 1st place in category Progressive Design for the LYON line of Chairs.


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