Technologické inovační centrum Zlínský kraj

Catalogue of Companies in the Zlín Region - obor Forestry & Wood Manufacturing Industry

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Manufacture and sale of industrial hoses for furniture, woodworking, agricultural, food processing, metallurgy, textile, construction, engineering, automotive, printing and other industries
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BS Vsetín, s.r.o.

The company was established in 1993. The company has a wide variety of complete services in building & construction and interior finishing (building construction, woodwork, furniture making, hall railings, electrical installations, and more). The company provides its services primarily to customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
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Foresta SG was established in 1995. The company's headquarters are located in Vsetín. The Geodetic centre is located in Halenkov. The company has a subsidiary, Foresta SK in Slovakia.
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CHEDOS, s.r.o.

CHEDOS s.r.o. located in Staré Město is a production and sales company that has been active since 1995. The company is engaged in the sale and production of wood materials, ready-to-use products and products for woodworking, building and hobby. Its wide selection of materials includes large area materials LTD, DTD, MDF, OSB, veneered materials, fibreboard, plywood, wood panels from continuous lamellae, blockboards, cetris material, wooden floating flooring, doors, mountings and furniture accessories, wire product range, windowsills and kitchen counter tops, euro-squares and more.
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Kinoexport s.r.o

The company is engaged in the design, production, sale and installation of seating units for public and private facilities, cinemas, theatres, universities,
congress halls, sports halls and stadiums.
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MATUL s.r.o.

We are dynamic company with manufacturing the wooden export packaging. We have rich experiences with the wooden export packaging. We can build all kinds of wooden packaging according to customer's reguests and needs.
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TON a.s.

We are TON, a producer of chairs and tables. We manufacture in the same location where Michael Thonet laid the foundation stone for the original THONET factory in 1861. We are continuing on with the oldest production of bentwood furniture according to the founder's principles in Bystřice pod Hostýnem.
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Topdoors s.r.o.

Topdoors offers a wide variety of interior doors and encased door frames. We strive to offer products with highly elaborate detailed workmanship of the highest quality of craftsmanship. Wide selection from a range of model doors displaying classical and modern design trends. Naturally the doors may be solid, cartridge type or variably glassed.
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VYDONA s.r.o.

Production of tools for working with wood, metal, plastics, etc.


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