Technologické inovační centrum Zlínský kraj

Catalogue of Companies in the Zlín Region - obor Water, Waste & Environment

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agriFERM s.r.o.

Young and dynamic enterprise engaged in research and development of small scale biogas plants. We offer our own system of biogas plants in power range between 18 kWel up to several megawatts installed.
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EPS, s.r.o.

Czech company engaged in innovative biotechnology research and development, studies and research, risk analysis, land rehabilitation on and off site, decontamination of old ecologically contaminated areas, operation of a biogas plant, composting plant, decontamination and recycling sites.
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Foresta SG was established in 1995. The company's headquarters are located in Vsetín. The Geodetic centre is located in Halenkov. The company has a subsidiary, Foresta SK in Slovakia.
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HOBAS CZ spol. s r. o.

HOBAS is a successful international company and a major supplier of fibreglass piping systems. For more than 50 years HOBAS has been producing and supplying the market with spun cast fibreglass piping HOBAS® CC-GRP, suitable for various applications, i.e. drinking water and sewer piping, water conduits, irrigation or drainage systems. The company possesses production technology and managerial know-how.
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Institut pro testování a certifikaci, a.s.

Institute for testing and certification (ITC) is the Czech independent company with a worldwide sphere of authority providing services on the area of testing, certification, calibrating, technical inspection, metrology and standardization.
ITC is the company operating in the area of quality and safety assessment of products, certification of control management and environmental management and in the area of engineering standards
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JELÍNEK-TRADING spol. s r.o.

JELÍNEK-TRADING spol. s r.o. is a major processor of sorted plastic wastes with a wide variety of processed input materials. A share of the processed raw plastic (regranulates, plastic compounds) is used for in-house production (composters, mudguards). The company is seeking partners to cooperate in the supply of plastic waste material (PP, LDPE, PP/LDPE, PA, PC, PS, ABS etc.), and the purchasing of crushed material for regranulation. We are seeking buyers of products (regranulated and plastic compounds) from our production. We are seeking buyers for composters and compost silos.
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Join us in the world of waste treatment and discover the world of recycling and ecology. We have been in business since 1998. We are an important representative in the field of collection, purchase and processing of refuse. Our plants in Staré Město, Hodonín, Strážnice and Veselí nad Moravou purchase all kinds of waste, scrap car wrecks and sell metallurgical materials and fuels. At our company headquarters (in Staré Město) we have an "army shop", where you can buy all you need for hobbies and handicrafts.
We provide consulting in the field of waste treatment and ecology and because we care for the future we provide training programs and technical excursions
public, especially among school-age youth.
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Pipelife Czech s.r.o.

Pipelife is a producer and seller of plastic pipingfor utilities with the broadest selection of products of PVC, PE, and PP in the Czech Republic, which is supplemented with products from other Pipelife holding company plants.
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SATTURN HOLEŠOV spol. s r.o.

A strictly Czech company engaged in electro-technical communications since 1992. Focused on services in the area of public warning and crisis management. The in-house development department manages projects focused on the environment and reducing power consumption in supplied systems.
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TOMA, a.s.

Large part of activity is in providing services to customers based at the company'sindustrial site. The total number of customers at the industrial site is about 130, providing employment to about 2000 people. The company is engaged in real estate development and lease financing.


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