Technologické inovační centrum Zlínský kraj

Catalogue of Companies in the Zlín Region - obor Textile, Footwear & Leather Industry

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Manufacture and sale of industrial hoses for furniture, woodworking, agricultural, food processing, metallurgy, textile, construction, engineering, automotive, printing and other industries
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FARE, spol. s r.o.

FARE, spol. s r.o. was established in 1991. It is engaged in the production of children's, women's and men's footwear for all seasons. Our speciality is the
production of hiking boots and children's home shoes. We place emphasis on the quality and high health standards of our footwear.
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Institut pro testování a certifikaci, a.s.

Institute for testing and certification (ITC) is the Czech independent company with a worldwide sphere of authority providing services on the area of testing, certification, calibrating, technical inspection, metrology and standardization.
ITC is the company operating in the area of quality and safety assessment of products, certification of control management and environmental management and in the area of engineering standards
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KATARO s.r.o.

Sales of sports equipment, footwear, tarpaulins, shielding nets and car batteries.
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SALTIC, s.r.o.

Czech company engaged in the production of mountaineering, hiking and sandal footwear. Repair of rock climbing shoes of all brands. Sale of outdoor equipment (ropes, MG, backpacks, clothing, roll mats, walking sticks, snap hooks, sandals and more).
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SFI a.s. - Zbrojovka ZTM fully continues in thetradition of air jet looms made by Zbrojovka Vsetín used for the production of cotton, synthetic silk and technical and hybrid textiles.


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