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Agentura CzechTrade

Your Business Partner in the Czech Republic
• Strategic geographical location,
• Long-established industrial tradition,
• Reasonable costs,
• Well-developed infrastructure and
• Skilled labour force.

...make the Czech Republic a perfect source base for your business. CzechTrade is a trade promotion organisation, founded by the Ministry of Industry
and Trade of the Czech Republic.
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agriFERM s.r.o.

Young and dynamic enterprise engaged in research and development of small scale biogas plants. We offer our own system of biogas plants in power range between 18 kWel up to several megawatts installed.
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Agricultural production - crops and livestock, plastics production - bowls for company canteens, food wrapping, suitable for refrigeration and freezing. Production of bag-in-box (BIB) for packaging liquids.
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Decapulp - nasávaná kartonáž

DECAPULP is an innovative company that, through a technology based on the reuse of paper, cardboard and virgin pulp from environmentally controlled plantations, manufactures moulded pulp packaging and logistics accessories in a standard range and tailor-made solutions.
We have customers and distributors in more than 12 European countries. More than 85% of our production is exported. Our company’s mission is to innovate and provide solutions that meet the needs of our customers and that are environmentally sustainable.
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DEKOR, spol. s r.o.

During 21 years of operation, DEROR has achieved a leading position on the market for POP display stands and in-store communication in the Czech Republic and abroad. The company provides complete services in the field of below-the-line-advertising marketing ommunications (POP display stands, shop-in-shop systems, light advertising).
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EGO Zlín, spol. s r.o.

Czech company, established in 1992, soon achieved a significant position as a producer and supplier of systems for helping intervention units contain crisis situations. It is mainly involved in specialised healthcare, integrated emergency and civil protection systems, etc.
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ELSEREMO, a.s. is a company with over seventy years of tradition. The company is known foremost in the field of managing technological installations on construction projects, electrical installations (engineering) in designing, production and assembly of steel structures.
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CHEDOS, s.r.o.

CHEDOS s.r.o. located in Staré Město is a production and sales company that has been active since 1995. The company is engaged in the sale and production of wood materials, ready-to-use products and products for woodworking, building and hobby. Its wide selection of materials includes large area materials LTD, DTD, MDF, OSB, veneered materials, fibreboard, plywood, wood panels from continuous lamellae, blockboards, cetris material, wooden floating flooring, doors, mountings and furniture accessories, wire product range, windowsills and kitchen counter tops, euro-squares and more.
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Institut pro testování a certifikaci, a.s.

Institute for testing and certification (ITC) is the Czech independent company with a worldwide sphere of authority providing services on the area of testing, certification, calibrating, technical inspection, metrology and standardization.
ITC is the company operating in the area of quality and safety assessment of products, certification of control management and environmental management and in the area of engineering standards
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IRISA výrobní družstvo

• Factory 1: Christmas ornaments,
• Factory 2: plastics production,
• Factory 3: cardboard.
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JUDr. Lucie Chovancová, advokátka Zlín

Founded in 2007 by Jaroslav Juráš in Zlín, Czech Rep., at JURÁŠ A PARTNEŘI, advokátní kancelář v.o.s. boutique law firm we are committed to building trust, mutual respect and correct relationships with each of our clients: the necessary assumptions for a successful and long-term cooperation.
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JZD Slušovice s.r.o.

JZD Slušovice is engaged in fruit growing, winemaking, agricultural production, growing crops for energy production and other business activities.
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Kinoexport s.r.o

The company is engaged in the design, production, sale and installation of seating units for public and private facilities, cinemas, theatres, universities,
congress halls, sports halls and stadiums.
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MEDETRON s.r.o., Zlín, was established in 1992 as a producer of modern measuring technology in healthcare.
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MESIT povrchové ochrany, spol. s r.o.

The company provides surface protection treatment of chemical and galvanisation metal plating and wet painting. Galvanization layersare measured using X ray technology. We offer a wide portfolio of surface protection at a high level of technical expertise.
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Production and sale of professional scooters for sports and tourism activities, for rental stores and industry. Five-year warranty.
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NIVEKO s.r.o.

Our company was established in 1991 as a family company with primary focus on the manufacture of various products for creation and protection of the environment. In the following years, the company was diversified into two specialized divisions focused on complex industrial applications of plastics and manufacture of top-quality pools made of the Polystone® material.
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PRODAG Zlín, s.r.o.

The company has been in business since 1992 in the field of agricultural, municipal maintenance and forestry equipment.
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REMERX s.r.o.

REMERX is a traditional producer of aluminium rims and spoked wheels with 20 years of tradition. Other activities are surface treatment of aluminium - anodisation.
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RETIGO s.r.o.

The Czech company RETIGO s.r.o. was established in 1993. Its major function is producing gastronomic appliances for large kitchens, specifically production of steam convection cookers based on steam and hot air, which are able to prepare food by any method.
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Rostislav Kukla RK-EMPTIES

We are selling and collecting empty toner and ink cartridges
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Rožnovská travní semena s.r.o.

Customised grass seed mixes.
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Sdružení pro rozvoj firem Zlínského kraje

THE ASSOCIATION FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE ZLÍN REGION was established in 2000. Members of the association are important businesspeople, personalities of the Zlín Region and legal representatives of important business entities.
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Production of backlight tubes for flat screen monitors and providing services to other SCHOTT companies in the vicinity of Valašské Meziříčí.
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SCHOTT Flat Glass CR, s.r.o.

The company provides treatment of flat glass and production of frames and doors for refrigeration and freezer display cases.
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Smaltovna Tupesy a.s.

Production of enamelled and metal panels, supply of tin boxes.
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UHS JAKOS was established in October 1991 as a employee joit –stock company and followed up more than 20 years history of the branch of forklift trucks of the District industrial entreprise JAKOS Uherské Hradiště.
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VYMYSLICKÝ - VÝTAHY spol. s r. o.

Our company was established in 1992. Currently we provide the following services:
• Elevator consulting and planning service,
• Inspections, inspection testing,
• Production of hand-operated and automated doors,
• Elevator modernisation,
• Elevator supply and assembly.

Our employees are experienced technicians with years of experience in the field of elevator technology. We have an appropriate technical facility including testing instruments for microprocessor switchboards. We have all materials necessary to completely cover and assure maintenance of medium size and general repairs and provide assembly of new elevators.
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Z STUDIO, spol. s r.o.

Z STUDIO, spol. s r.o. delivers complete solutions for the production of manuals and promotional publications. We offer six services under the one roof:
Production of manuals, technical translations, graphics & DTP, offset and digital printing, kitting of user packages, delivery to any location in the world.
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Zemědělský výzkumný ústav Kroměříž, s.r.o.

Private institute of applied research for crop production with an emphasis on grains (genetics and cultivation, quality and yield output, agro technology, crop protection, seed quality). Research and testing with other crop plants.
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ZEVOS a.s.

The predecessor of the current company ZEVOS a.s. was established in 1990 as an agricultural partnership business. Reorganisation of the partnership into a joint stock company in 1992 consolidated the assets to the founding shareholders. In 1995 Agropodnik a.s. Staré Město was completely transferred to the ZEVOS joint stock company.


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